Splices’ debut video franchise featuring influential artists exploring the methods, minutiae, and magic behind their most definitive sounds.


Series Concept ︎

As video proved more valuable in our marketing strategy, and the caliber of artists increased, we found ourselves using the same formula again and again because it worked.

We worked with LA-based video pioneers Yours Truly to develop our first editorial content series, Unpacked. In contrast to our other videos, which tend to be more technical and have marketing-driven storylines, this series took a more cinematic approach.

In each episode, artists dissect and unpack the techniques, processes, and ideas that go into creating their unique sounds. These sounds were then released as their signature sample packs on the Splice sample marketplace.

Series Identity ︎

New York based studio The Collected Works helped develop the series identity and title sequences. Using the concept of unpacking, they developed the open and shut motif to book end each episode, as well as animate artist names.

Episode 1 ︎

In the inaugural episode, Andres and Mauricio (Daddy Yankee, Justin Bieber and Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito”), discuss their workflow and production process in creating their own Splice pack. Watch it below and be sure to visit the Splice ︎ channel for the latest episode.

My Role ︎

Creative Direction, Content Strategy

Credits & Collaborators ︎

Creative Direction
Chris Muccioli

Series Development & Content Strategy
Jen Mozenter
Laura Zax
Yours Truly Creative
Video Production & Editing
Yours Truly Creative

Title Design & Animation
The Collected Works

Pack Cover Design
Alex Cook