Singles Club

A subscription based record label focused on listening to music one track, and one artist at a time.

In 2014 I worked with my longtime creative collaborator and writer Jeffrey Silverstein to develop a hybrid label/music publication. Putting an emphasis on sitting back and digesting music — one track and artist at a time.

Singles Club released an exclusive 7” single every quarter. Each release contained an original song on side A and an interview with that artist on side B discussing their influences, process, and purpose in writing that song.

︎Listen to Singles Club Issue 6 featuring Monster Rally

Singles Club subscribers received their first issue in custom ’45 boxes and subsequent issues were housed in this box throughout the year.

Volume 2 subscribers received special clear vinyl editions ︎

Issues in volume 2 were available both as subscription box set and as single issues. To allow for distribution through third parties, I developed custom die cut packaging containing liner notes, recording specs, and additional photography all packaged within a thick mylar sleeve.

The Singles Club website was a companion to each release. With every issue we wrote and designed a custom experience tailored to each artist. Every issue contained one main feature, along with 2 companion pieces that dove deeper into their label, other projects, equipment preferences. 

The digital issue allowed readers to stream the side-a track. The button reading “Listen & Begin” greets each issue. Once clicked it would drop the user into the first feature and begin playing side A.

Each issue contained a mix of photography, writing, and other ephemera, all aiming to provide a gateway to falling for each subject. I shot a majority of the photography for each issue, built and developed the website, as well as any illustration necessary.

My Role ︎

Creative Direction, Design, Photography, Video Editing, Web Design, Web Development, Sound Design & Editing, Production Management

Credits & Collaborators ︎

Co-Founder, Editor, Writer, PR
Jeffrey Silverstein